Meaning of Tsavorite Beads: Healing Properties, Size, Shape and Color

You might not have heard about natural Tsavorite beads, but they are nonetheless an excellent choice for folks around the world. These vibrant green gemstones – part of the garnet family – possess a dazzling color that one can arguably say puts many emeralds to shame. Now, it is true that these gemstones might be less popular than some of the more favored emeralds – however, that does not diminish their value. In fact, an argument can be made that their rarity makes them an even better choice.

With Tsavorite beads, you will opt for a unique combination of beauty, rich symbolism, and the appeal of wearing a rare gemstone. However, before you buy beads online, here are some things you should know about this gemstone.

Healing Properties & Symbolism

Let us start with the healing properties as well as the symbolism that these rare precious gemstone beads are associated with. Here are some of the most common associations:

They are a symbol of New Beginnings & Good Luck

Green is a color widely associated with good starts and fortune—all related to growth. So, it should not surprise anyone that Tsavorite is thought of as one’s very own lucky charm, reminding the wearer that positive change is always possible.

You feel grounded in nature

The earthy green of Tsavorite does more than look great! It is like a little piece of forest that is always with you. This, in effect, helps you feel calmer and more connected to the natural world. These semi precious gemstone beads will remind you that you have the inner strength to grow – no matter the challenges.

Heart Chakra Associations

Finally, these green gemstones are also associated with the heart chakra – with love, compassion & emotional balance of the individual. Just by wearing this gemstone, you invite more of these qualities into your life.

The Many Shades of Tsavorite Green

Now, one of the greatest and maybe even the coolest thing about Tsavorite gemstone is that it does not just come in one green. In fact, you will find all shades of green, from bright, almost neon green beads to even darker, richer greens. The choices for you are seemingly endless.

Note that there is no right or wrong Tsavorite Green color. You should look for shades that resonate with you the most. Which shade of green makes you feel happy? Calm? Energized? Trust your gut, as there is no wrong choice out there.

Finally, the Size & Shape of the Tsavorite Beads

Last but not least, you also need to know about the different sizes & shapes of this gemstone before you even explore any Tsavorite beads store. Their beads offer a delightful playground for you to express your unique style.

Size Matters

A crucial consideration you need to make is to choose between Small or Big? Which size of gemstone do you want in your jewelry? Now, Tiny Tsavorite beads become delicate accents, resulting in them adding a whisper of green to the jewelry. On the other hand, larger beads will command attention. Take into account the overall feeling you wish to convey.

Shape Matter Too

There is no question that round beads are a timeless classic. In fact, you can immediately go with the design and would not regret it for even a bit! However, here, you have the opportunity to explore the many different options. Look at Faceted beads (they will maximize the sparkle from your gemstone) or even leaf or floral motifs as your own miniature work of art. The choices are out there for you; you just need to do some exploration from your side.

Final Words

Remember, there is no right or wrong choice with Tsavorite beads. So, just let your intuition guide you in purchasing this gemstone. However, there is one area where right or wrong does matter, and that is choosing a tsavorite beads manufacturer in india. Make sure you connect with a reputed partner, such as Unique Jwellers, for guaranteed satisfactory results!

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